Saturday, 7 September 2013

Marshall McLuhan

We learn in lecture that Canadian technology theorist Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) is our grounding in a scientific approach to technology: one half of the titular subject of LIBS 7007.

Here are some introductory links (reproduced here from the Course 'Reading & Resources' section) , and a list of the assigned chapters of his Understanding Media. (You will understand once you read the text that the word 'media' is a strictly precise and enlightening synonym for the word 'technology.')
  1. Read the brief web biography of Marshall McLuhan at
  2. Follow the avatar Marshall McLuhan on Twitter.
  3. Watch (and laugh with) McLuhan's legendary cameo appearance on Woody Allen's classic film "Annie Hall".
  4. Read the following sections on Marshall McLuhan's I "Understanding Media", (online .pdf):
    • All of Part I (Chapters 1-7)
    • In Part II, the following chapters:
      • Chapter 10, "Roads and Paper Routes"
      • Chapter 15, "Clocks: the Scent of Time"
      • Chapter 18, "The Printed Word: The Architect of Nationalism"
      • Chapter 19, "Wheel, Bicycle, and Airplane."
      • Chapter 22, "Motorcar: the Mechanical Bride"
McLuhan is a writer of significance, creativity, immense technological insight, and wide erudiction. Time spent reading him returns great value to the Engineering student.

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